Hey guys!

So because I am so well-connected in the world of internet awesomeness (lawl), I am very pleased so share a preview of a site that’s going live early next year, Photoplay.me.

The funny/awesome thing about Photoplay is that it’s sort of the opposite of Yeah Write—textual photo challenges (like our prompts) are posted, and then users submit photos based on the challenge. Some challenges may call for artistic and professional photos, while others may ask for funny photos snapped with your cell. Users will be able to amass points, create a network, play games, and win challenges. I’ve seen the mockups of the actual site and it’s beautiful and looks super user-friendly.

But here’s the fun part—to give a mini-preview of Photoplay, the founder has created a Photoplay Tumblr with some mini-challenges. But I encourage everyone to follow the Photoplay Tumblr, participate in some challenges (right now the challenge is photos of keys), and spread the word (reblog! promote!). Keep in mind, though, that the website will be far more advanced and comprehensive than a Tumblr can be… this is just a little preview so that you can get the idea, as well as receive updates on the progress of the real site.

I have a feeling that this website is going to be huge once it goes live (the founder is a savvy up-and-coming entrepreneur and, as I said, the site mockups look like nothing I’ve ever seen before) and we can all be hipster-cool and say we knew about it before it even went live! So CHECK OUT PHOTOPLAY!!!