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12 Fundamentals Of Writing "The Other" (And The Self) f

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"It wasn’t until my second reading of Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, over a decade after it first had been assigned to me by my public high school English teacher, that I understood that Jake’s dick didn’t work."

17 Best Bromances In Literature f

Love it.

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The 5 Best Pieces of Writing Advice I Didn't Get in School f

Ooooh good ones!

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Doctors Prescribe Books to Treat Depression f

Publishing salaries ‘a big issue’ | The Bookseller f

More on how much entry level publishing salaries SUCK.

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JK Rowling Is Turning 'Harry Potter' Into a Play f


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Copyright & Posting Your Writing on the Internet


A guest post by sastielliciousdeville. Thank you so much for sending this in!!

While I’m not specifically in the publishing industry I did a bit of digging on the copyright issue because as both an author and a graphic designer copyright infringement is something that we have to keep in mind and deal with regularly to ensure that clients don’t try to use our work without paying the proper fee’s first. The one thing you have to realize about posting anything you create on the internet is that while it is technically under your own copyright (in that copyright is defined as anything you create) you run the risk of it being stolen.

Copyright infringement is a pretty serious deal but it’s a complicated system.

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23 Amazing Classic Books That Are So Short You Have No Excuse Not To Read Them f

Incidentally, some of my favorite books of all time are on this list—Chopin’s The Awakening, James’ Turn of the Screw, Wharton’s Ethan Frome. It’s probably because when books are shorter like this, they read more like short stories, and that appeals to me? I dunno, but check it out!

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Literary Feuds of 2013 f

Fight fight fight fight!

But actually, all of these are really good. A lot of them are about female writers sticking up for themselves against people who are being dicks.

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Alcohol and literature - quiz f

I got a 50%! Share your score in the comments.

Obligatory question mark: ?

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"Unless I write “and then his Galaxy 4’s battery died” no one can ever get lost, forget an important fact, meet a partner outside of a dating site, or do anything that doesn’t eventually have them picking up a phone. So I’m stuck writing about an era where Ethan Hawke was considered the pinnacle of manliness."

Robert Lanham on not being able to write fiction set after 2002, Your Phone Is Ruining You For Us - The Awl (via housingworksbookstore)

This is such an interesting and terrifying point.

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Small Demons will close Nov. 25 unless last-minute buyer appears f

Small Demons was founded by Valla Valkili, a Yahoo! veteran, who had a vision for showing the connections between books and the real world. Visually engaging, the Small Demons catalogs the places, music, food and drink, people, books, artworks and other objects that appear in a single book — then links them to the other books in which they appear. 

The Small Demons page for David Foster Wallace's massive 1996 novel “Infinite Jest” includes hundreds of references. Click on the picture of one of the items that appears in the book — say, the Sony Walkman — and see how many other books mention a Walkman (672). It even shows a relevant passage.

Small Demons was set up for e-commerce — you can download all the music mentioned in Patti Smith’s memoir "Just Kids"from iTunes, for example. It’s also built for off-line exploration. If you want to experience everything in Michael Connelly’s “Angels Flight,” you’d know to head over to Hollywood Park racetrack … which itself appears in a dozen books cataloged on the site.

This startup is SUCH a cool idea, and kissingonconey made the good point that it’d be useful in academia, too. It’s really sad that they’ll have to close their doors in a couple of weeks if they don’t find an investor! Not that there are a lot of investors on Tumblr (are there?) but maybe we can spread the word around a little on here!

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10 Fairy Tales For Twenty-Somethings f


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Better yet, DON’T write that novel f

This article is a LOAD OF BULLSHIT. But basically everyone in the comments agrees that it’s a load of bullshit, and most of the comments are wonderfully written burns, so then it ends up being fun.

I mean, the idea that writers aren’t also readers is absolutely absurd. I think I can say that with some authority after spending 3 years interacting with all of you. And that reading and writing are mutually exclusive acts is even more absurd! This woman is literally WRITING this bullshit article, complaining that writing gets in the way of people reading, and then also complains that she doesn’t have enough time to read! Hahahahaha! But also, raaaa!

Anyway. GO NANO!!!!

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