#edgar allan poe

How long do you consider a short story to be? Whenever I try to write one, it always ends up being more than 10 pages. >.<

Edgar Allan Poe said that a short story is one that can be read in “the limit of a single sitting”. That’s the definition I usually go with!

Here’s his complete essay, The Philosophy of Composition, where he says that. He makes some other pretty interesting points too. Poe’s a bamf.

The Raven

This looks pretty hokey, and John Cusack’s sort of a funny casting choice (aside from his looks, I guess), buuuut as a huge Poe fan I’ll probably still go see it.

It’s actually also a pretty clever way to put a bunch of Poe’s stories—which I find pretty cinematic—into a compelling feature-length film. See if you can spot the dancehall scenes from the Masque of the Red Death! Ooooh I love that one!