#The Great Gatsby

Look at my new necklaces from Out of Print!!! They’re the same company who makes my super soft Gatsby sweatshirt and iPhone case.

They just came out with their new jewelry line today and it’s sooo cute. I love that all of them have little secret details, like the back of Holden’s hunter had saying “Property of Holden” or Daisy and Jay’s names being on the backs of the East and West eggs. And the packaging is so gorgeous that I haven’t even opened half of them, haha.

I think they’d make a really cute Christmas present for your literary-minded friends!!

Order them here!: http://goo.gl/af8Xdc



List five books (with authors listed) you would recommend to someone who wants to know more about you. Books that you identify most with. If Yeah Write has multiple admins, then I want everyone working on the blog to list their five books, and then publish it all at once. Not your favorite books per say, but books that most speak to your character. I hope you guys do this.

Lol, this is such a demanding ask. And sort of not writing related, but I think this is a fun idea, so let’s see:

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Thoughts on The Great Gatsby Movie


So I saw Gatsby on Friday after rereading the book earlier in the week, and I had a mixed reaction. There were a lot of things I really liked and a lot of things I didn’t. After talking to various people about what I thought all morning, I decided to put it all down in one place—and that’s here!

If you agree/disagree with me or have something to add, let me know and I’ll put it right on this post. We can get a little Monday discussion going :)

Major spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet.

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