Have you guys heard about this!? It’s new this year and it sounds so cool!

So basically this is how it goes:

  • A bunch of famous authors will be sharing their stories on Twitter from March 12 to the 16th, using the platform as a unique medium to tell their stories.
  • But what’s even more awesome is that between now and February 5th, anyone can apply to be featured in a showcase alongside the authors.
  • Even if you don’t want to apply to be featured, you can still participate during that week by tagging your story tweets #TwitterFiction.

I think it’s going to be SO cool to see how people use Twitter to tell their stories (the main page, linked above, is super well designed and has a bunch of different suggestions for ways you can creatively use Twitter to share your stories).

And it’s sponsored by Random Penguin, which is also really cool… I feel like big publishers are known for having their heads stuck in the sand when it comes to changing technology and methods of story consumption, so it’s good to see them doing something new and progressive!

I’ll keep posting about this as it approaches… maybe we can create an index of yeah writers who are participating or something! I’ll keep brainstorming (and if anyone else has an ideas, let me know).

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