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Everyone who buys all 3 issues for $10 before tonight (August 9, 2013 at 8pm EST) will receive an email soon after with some top secret info about the future of Yeah Write.

Hint: Can you sayyy beta tester?


About The Yeah Write Review:

Ever wonder how to write a breakup? A death scene? How to correctly depict multiracial characters or mental disorders? Ever wanted to learn more about the genres of gothic fiction or magical realism? What about how to create questionable characters, or child narrators in adult stories?

The Yeah Write Review is a hybrid literary magazine/not-boring writing textbook that features several writing advice articles on all of the above topics, and then some. And unlike a lot of the “writing advice” you see floating around Tumblr, these articles are by English Majors, authors, and professors.

There is also an accompanying piece of short fiction, nonfiction, or poetry that is thematically matched with each article, as well as beautiful full-color photography submitted by our very multi-talented followers.

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