Hey yeah writers! Help me out with something: What’s the #1 question you have about the publishing industry?

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  2. kmelton27 answered: What is the perfect first step in getting your novel published? What’s the right thing to do?
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  4. amorr-vincitt-omniaa answered: How should a young writer start out in terms of getting published for the first time?
  5. gabbyglamm answered: What are looking for in a good writer?
  6. lifeslushlips answered: what catches their eyes so that they want to publish the book?
  7. iamvickiroberts answered: Are there certain types of publishing houses that still frown upon writers who try to self-publish at the same time they look for traditional
  8. lesmotsincompris answered: All of the above, but mostly: how do I make publishers and agents read my work? How to approach an agent? How to pick the best one for me?
  9. ennaybee answered: what kinds of jobs can you find in the publishing industry—both entry level and higher up?
  10. fifteen-seventeen answered: Why is it so hard to get into?
  11. my-dog-days-are-over answered: how do books like twilight ever see the light of day when some really cool books get passed over? dafuq publishing industry?
  12. drewdrewdrew answered: How often does a risk not pay off?
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  14. pencilsandcupcakes answered: Are they brave enough to take (big) risks?
  15. mutant21 answered: what are the major failings of first time submissions- why does a publisher turn down a book?
  16. awildjaker answered: How seriously does it take someone who has never had anything published before? Like not even a short story or anything?
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  18. v--monet said: How do you know when you’re ready to take the leap and submit?
  19. the-firebrand answered: Is it better to approach an agent with a lot of books to their name, or a newer one just starting out and with less projects?
  20. theoakinthemoon answered: Is it easier to get poetry or fiction published?
  21. jlandreus answered: Which agents (or agency firms) have the best track-records in the industry?
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  23. cocoxbee said: How are the publishers preparing for the transformation to digital? And are books going to be gone forever someday?
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    There are a few things that I don’t understand about publishing. #1 How does one get traditionally published? By...
  25. legendaryrock answered: (What are the statistics of someone getting published vs. not)
  26. mbwriter answered: How does the editorial process work? What happens from the time they read my manuscript to the time they reject it (every time).
  27. princess-buttt answered: how can I get into publishing as a career?
  28. fathobbitses answered: I’d really just like a clear timeline of how the editorial process works. & more about the different types of editors.
  29. midnight-carlights answered: If you are serious about publishing your book, how do you approach a publisher? Do you inquire personally or contact by mail?
  30. with-a-k answered: What does it take to get a book published?
  31. nightfalltwen answered: Why are literary agents necessary?
  32. aspiringtobecristina answered: How do you get into the editorial department with experience that isn’t editorial?