Does anyone want to do another writing challenge with me?

A couple of weeks ago we had Short-Short Week, where the challenge was to write 7 stories, each about 1000 words long, in seven days. It was great, really motivational, and I’ve sorta realized from that and NaNo that I’m more prolific when I have deadlines and set goals.

We don’t have to do that exact same thing again. We could do something where our goal is to plan, write, and edit something around 1500 words all in one week, or write a longer story each week for a month, or something like that.

It’s just fun to do things like this together! Any suggestions? Anyone interested?

  1. smudgiesmudgie answered: Maybe?
  2. complete-fleeting-obsessions answered: Yes!
  3. picturesfromthecameraoflauren answered: Poem a day? Memoir thingy a day?
  4. melkingwrites answered: Very interested!
  5. stereochele answered: Sure, let’s go for it!!
  6. design-symmetry answered: I WANT TO SAY ME PLEASE but I’m too afraid I’ll fail and procrastinate.
  7. uj1993 answered: im interested…its on!
  8. bigbad1880 answered: Yes, please
  9. trombonenugger answered: I feel like I won’t follow through all the way, but what the hey.
  10. blackpensandboredom answered: I’m a new follower,so this would be new and exciting for me :) Count me in!
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  12. getinatizzy answered: I didn’t get to take part in short short week, but I’d love to see other challenges!
  13. peculiarist answered: I’d be in something like that.
  14. cedar-waxwing answered: i’m in!
  15. fleurchelsea answered: YES! sounds like fun
  16. notsomolly answered: is this in addition to NaNo writing? Or for after Camp NaNo?
  17. lmdoublea answered: Sure!
  18. bonnzo said: I’m super in.
  19. rabbitheartedjam answered: I’m down! :D
  20. alyoder said: I’m in! Let’s do it!