Interested in having a subscription to a national literary journal?

Hello! My name is Jaimie. I am currently an intern at The Florida Review. We are a national literary journal that accepts phenomenal works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, book reviews, and even graphic novel pieces on occasion. I’m here in YW’s submit box because, as an intern, I need to find a few subscribers. Anyone interested in buying a subscription (it’s only $15 for the next two issues) can help me out!

The website for the journal itself can be found here. On top of purchasing a subscription, you could also purchase back issues. If you decide you would like a subscription, you can order one on Amazon at this link. If you do purchase a subscription, I would greatly appreciate it if you would simply take a screenshot of your receipt e-mail and submit it to my Tumblr so that I can receive credit for the subscription purchase.

I hope you choose to buy a subscription, the writing we have in the journal is truly superb. Thank you so much!

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