Shailene Woodley cast as Hazel Grace in The Fault In Our Stars Movie!

I’ve never really watched that American Teenager show but I loved her in The Descendents.

What are your thoughts on the casting, yeah writers?

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  2. di-vinitus answered: It is completely outrageous!!! Hazel Grace is supposed to be strong and brave,plus highly sophisticated. Shailene doesnt embody her
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  5. jackieinspired said: I haven’t read the book, but I went to high school with Shai and sat next to her in choir. Secret Life was a horrible show, but I think she’s a pretty good actress. I’m not sure she’s always cast in the best roles fit for her, we’ll have to wait and see!
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    Never heard of her but omg I can’t believe this is actually going to be adapted!
  7. dream-catchingjourney said: the producers choosing her for the role just shows how much the film industry exaggerates in making the film more appealing. We are now in the era where Girls (HBO) is being patronized. Not because of the beautiful cast but the series itself.
  8. dream-catchingjourney answered: John Green wanted Mae Whitman (Charlie’s annoying gf from Perks) because she’s realistically more Hazel Grace (rounded cheeks and all).
  9. antlergirljess answered: The people who are complaining that she’s in both Divergent and TFIOS forget that Jennifer Lawrence filmed THG and SLP at the same time.
  10. writethosepagesss answered: I’m really worried. Not only for The Fault in Our Stars, but for Divergent, too. =/
  11. saygoodbyetosunshine answered: NO! she’s going to play Tris and now this! this is some B.S.!
  12. the-letter-kay answered: NO
  13. sidesteppinglife answered: I bet she’ll be great, but she’s also playing the lead in the Young Adult adaptation of Divergent and that seems a little odd to me.
  14. anipendragon answered: I’m fine with her in The Fault in Our Stars as long as she looks accurate. Casting her in Divergent was a stupid idea.
  15. leftfielder24 answered: The American Teenager show was awful but the Descendants changed my mind about her. It’s a good move.
  16. paper-dreams-are-made-of-these answered: Nope and nope. But hey, I’m sure the movie will be good anyways. I always pictured Hazel as black.
  17. ricinbullet answered: from what i’ve seen of her work, i’m really worried
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    As long as her hair’s gone, I’m okay with this.
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  21. contessellation answered: I’m satisfied with the casting, but if I don’t see steroid cheeks on her, I will be mad. As a cancer survivor, those details matter.
  22. infinitelovelike answered: I am thrilled, I think she’ll be really wonderful in a role like that.
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    I am not prepared for this.
  24. soiwentaway said: From what I’ve seen of her work, I am not enthused. But John Green said that she was great in the audition and I trust him.
  25. deputy-heart-eyes answered: I’m excited about this casting. If John can stand behind her, so can I! :)
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  27. twistedanewmusical answered: John Green loves her and that’s all that should matter because it’s HIS VISION NOT YOURS kbye
  28. igenerallylikewords answered: NO
  29. muffled answered: She was cast as Beatrice Prior in Divergent too.I’m reallllly not sure how I feel about it. Not :D but maybe watching it will change my mind
  30. visirion answered: I don’t know who she is, but I’m really excited for the movie!