What jobs can English majors get?


tales-of-creativity asked:

What jobs can you get with an English or communications degree? I’d like these jobs to let me be a bit imaginative/creative. Sorry if this isn’t really writing related. I can’t picture a better job than being a writer, but I know I should have a back up plan.

The whole idea that your major dictates what your profession will be post-grad is like, the biggest sham ever. Grad school, yes, but undergrad? My boyfriend studied finance and accounting in college and works at a trading now and I’m like WOAH YOU MEAN YOU ACTUALLY WORK IN WHAT YOU STUDIED!? I was an English major and I work in finance too. Wut o_O?

Yes, you get a lot of English majors in publishing, but that’s another sham: Studying English prepares you for working publishing about as much as it prepares you for working in a cat food factory. Publishing is a business, and I’d bet a business major would go into a publishing job with a lot more knowledge than an English major. The only correlation is that English majors are likely to have a heightened interest in the product. (More on being an English major here.) I think the last couple of paragraphs might be helpful to you.My roommate works as a copy writer at Penguin though, and I think she studied theatre and neuroscience.

So, I thought I would ask some yeah writers who are former English majors about their current professions, and this is what they’re up to:

sarahthereseshepWork in the rights department at a book publisher.

floerianWith regard to English Major jobs — I have arguably an even less useful degree, a BFA (Bachelor of F—- All) in Creative Writing. I’m a writer and narrative designer on two video games, and starting my own company to create interactive/transmedia stories and develop my own story world franchise. (In other words, there’s nothing stopping you from achieving your dreams. I’m 24.)

amateurwordsI graduated in 2010 with a degree in English and I am an Associate Producer for a Documentary Company in Boston, Northern Light Productions.I get to do all my favorite things, read, write, research, learn and work with wonderful people.

redthumblettersIn response to the question what English majors have as current professions, I am a TEFL teacher in South Korea at an all girl’s middle school. It’s really great!

blaze029I have a BA in Political Science and English (Creative Writing) and am now in law school! We do a lot of writing and a major part of a trial lawyer’s job is getting the narrative across. Similarly, many types of lawyers must tell their client’s stories and act as their legal voices. I’ve also been able to help people already in my first year and met lots of interesting people!


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