I’m doing it. I’m writing a novel. Not my NaNo novel, which basically went like “Once upon a time lkasjdfalks;jdfa;lskdfjasd”, but a real live novel that I’m going to try to get published.

So, I’d figured I’d update you fine folks with how it goes! I won’t overpost about it, just every once in a while. Think of me as your SPECIMEN.

Here’s a preview of what it’s going to be about, as told through a conversation I had today with Zach:

Zach: You’re writing a novel??


Me: I dno… my butt I guess

Zach: Yeah, they smell that way.

Zach: What’s it about?

Me: It’s about a slut and an albino and Native Americans

Me: And weed and domestic abuse

Me: And the logging industry, and brain aneurysms

The working title is Dreamcatcher, which definitely won’t be the actual title, but hey, you have to tag your posts with save your documents as something ;)

Wish me luck!

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    Good luck! I know that feeling all too well. Mine’s nearing its end, although it’s no where near a novel.
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  3. thedownsideofbeinghuman said: Please don’t screw up the native Americans.
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    This is awesome. And, guys, as much as I love fanfiction (and I think its a great vehicle for practice and getting some...
  7. quatorz said: Omg good luck! That’s such an undertaking, but you can do it!
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    woohoo! Love hearing about others’ journeys!
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