Just added a “Love & Romance” section to the Advice page, mm!

These are the topics on there so far:

LOVE CONFESSIONS: How do I have two of my characters confess their love for one another without it seeming totally out of the blue/unrealistic?

LOVE TRIANGLES: There are so many love triangles in popular YA lit today. Is it cliche for me to include one in my story?

RELATIONSHIPS: Having real life romantic relationships are hard enough—so how do we write convincingly about them!? Here’s as much help as we can give.

RELATIONSHIP RESEARCH: You don’t have any sisters but your narrator does; you never met your grandfather but your main character has a close relationship with his; you’re a serial monogamist but you’re MC likes to date a lot of girls at one time. How do you write relationships in a believable way that you’ve never had?

SEX SCENES, AH! Some things to think about when writing them.

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