Hi! So I know you have a page devoted to different lit mags, but, quick question: what's your process of submitting to a lit mag? Do you submit to more than one? How do you decide which ones to submit to? Sorry if this is a silly question~

Great question!

Well, the first site on Yeah Write’s lit mag page, Duotrope Digest, is definitely your first stop. It offers a search engine feature so that you can narrow down literary magazines based on the piece you want to submit.

Like anything, the more magazines you submit your piece to, the more likely you are to get published! However, most magazines will state right in their submission directions that they want exclusive/first publishing rights—that basically means that if one magazine says that they’ll publish your story, you have to notify all the other magazines you submitted it to.

A lot of magazines use submission management platforms like Submittable, which makes it so easy—you basically upload you works onto their site so that it’s easy to beam them out to all the lit mags that use Submittable to accept submissions.  

My last piece of advise: Read every lit mag’s submission instructions very, very thoroughly. Most lit mags get a ton of submissions, so they’ll take any excuse to be able to cast your submission aside because you didn’t follow the directions (at least, that was the case when I was reading submissions for a lit mag!). And a lot of magazines’ directions are different, especially when it comes to the genre they’re accepting, the word count, and format in which you should submit your work (via email, in the text vs. as an attachment, in .doc or .docx document, etc.). I repeat: reeeeeeead the directions. Then read them again.

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