Remember to read their submission guidelines first! Pay attention to things like:

Length (word/line limits)
Number of submissions allowed per given period of time
Submission method (email, attachment, snail mail)
The general style of the work that each specific magazine publishes. It’s always a good idea to read at least a couple of pieces from a couple of different issues. Some magazines are also genre-specific (horror, romance, alternative form).

The Yeah Write Review

Yeah Write’s very own quarterly lit mag!

The Yeah Write Review is published seasonally.

The Review features advice articles similar to the advice you see on Yeah Write, but these articles are much more polished, robust, and thorough. They’re also quite often written by current or former English majors/MBA candidates and published authors.

We also accept and publish short fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and photography.

For submission period dates, guidelines, and more information, visit

Duotrope’s Digest 

Duotrope is not a magazine, but an online database of literary magazines. They recently switched from being free to a paid site, which is a bummer, but I would still recommend subscribing if you’re really serious about submitting to lit mags. All of their listings are very detailed about what genres, categories, lengths, etc. they accept, when their submission periods are, the percentage of submissions they accept, and whether they pay the writers they publish.

Side B 

Side B Magazine is devoted to publishing unknown and underrepresented voices in the contemporary arts world. We believe that all people have the right to read, see, and hear stories that affirm their identity.

We have published eight print issues, a special anthology issue, ran an arts and culture blog for two years, and are currently accepting submissions for our forthcoming issue due in July.

(See my story “The Jump” there in the August 15, 2011 issue!)

Harpur Palate

Harpur Palate is an acclaimed literary journal published bi-annually by the Department of English at Binghamton University that prints poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction from all over the world. Our journal is run by the generous graduate and undergraduate volunteers of Binghamton University. We focus on publishing the best work we can get our hands on and have received pieces from several well-known authors, including Sherman Alexie, Gary Fincke, Alex Lemon, Maura Stanton, and Rebecca Morgan Frank.

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place is in its fifth edition and looking for fresh, inspired works of poetry and short fiction. It is an online and print journal dedicated to featuring new, emerging, and established writers.


"Episodic Literary Magazine publishes poetry, prose, illustrations, photography and more in three digital issues per year.  Our mission is to highlight the beauty of everyday life—take the ordinary and through various art forms show how brilliant it really is.  On our Tumblr page we have smaller scale opportunities for submission and interaction with this theme.”


VARIA is a literary collection of flora, fauna, and other such miscellany.  This lit magazine is thematic in accordance with five words, which are chosen at random each month. All submitted pieces (whether it be a short story, essay, poetry, etc.) must use each of the selected words in some way. Leave all perceptions and expectations at the door, and get ready for the gaggle of curiosities that can only be found in VARIA.


Wordplay is a new, online literary magazine. We publish all fiction and poetry, from new and experienced writers, four times a year! We are currently accepting submissions for our first issue, set to be released in June!

We also offer free workshops in our forum for all writers to partake in!


Literary Magazine in San Francisco.


Literary Magazine of Sonoma State. Undergraduate and graduate work only.


Literary journal of Palomar College.

Hemingway’s Playpen

Hemingway’s Playpen is a work in progress. This blog was made specifically to help with the production of an upcoming literary magazine that will possess the same name.

I am not picky as to what will be accepted. Its goal is to help put out the works of all kinds of writers. As long as your work is original, it can be submitted. You can find more about submission guidelines by clicking the ‘guidelines’ link under this description.

Linden Avenue Literary Journal

Linden Avenue Literary Journal was created as a space for simple stories told in stunning ways. I found myself a little disheartened by work that seemed “alternative” for the sake of being alternative, not because the content supported it. I wanted to create a place writers would feel comfortable in sharing their words and in turn themselves.

Elbow Pads

Elbow Pads is a literary magazine accepting rolling submissions. They most definitely accept submissions from lesser-known writers.

The VaginaZine

With its quarterly publications, Vagina provides a space for female contributors to share their creative work with the public. The zine features a unique variety of opinions, passions, and observations from our contributors.

Words Dance

Words Dance is a digital poetry magazine publishing a stirring mix of poetry & art by established & budding poets/artists of the present. 

Rich, edgy & raw, gentle, sensual & brimming with love - poetry wild enough to get dressed up in its finest attire before it goes out to slay the mind. You dig? 

Our blog publishes poetry from past & present issues of the magazine plus art, interviews, reviews, writing prompts & music by an ever-awesome staff of poets! 


Novel emerges emphatically from the profound desire to consume art, literature and local culture, in both an aesthetically pleasing and tangible way. Consumption need no longer be such a dirty word. Much of Novel’s content is timeless, so once read, why have it cast to the landfills? Printed on thick, un-coated, renewable stock, Novel is as textural as it is textual. After all, it is still the palpable pulp we call paper that artists and writers turn to first as a medium for expression. With the majority of Novel being composed from the creative contributions of local writers and artists, it acts as a much needed platform from which talented individuals can build a portfolio, as well as inform the public of their work, websites and upcoming displays or events. Novel plays host to a plethora of art, media and prose, as well as previewing and critiquing upcoming local and cultural events. Still in its early stages, Novel is sure to transform through time and space as it becomes even more ingrained into the fabric of the cultural North-East. We pride ourselves on being a local publication with highly interactive qualities and our website offers you all the chance to comment on the content found within, as well as suggest new topics for upcoming issues and new ideas for features and editorials.


Calliope is essentially a writer’s workshop by mail, providing a forum where writers can exchange ideas, learn more about their craft, and see their work in print and online. New writers are always welcome. Membership in Mensa is not required to subscribe or to submit works for publication. Material published in Calliopeis the work of the authors and does not represent the opinions of Mensa or the SIG which have no opinions.

Tendril Literary Magazine

The Toucan Literary Magazine

The Requited Journal



kill author

Toasted Cheese

Glimmer Train

The Young Adult Review Network (YARN)

Hunger Mountain

The Walrus


Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet



Romance Stories

The Toronto Quarterly

Do Not Look at the Sun

Paper Darts



Smokelong Quarterly

Word Riot

Teen Ink

Other Voices

Underground Writers

The Vagina Zine

BULL Men’s Fiction


Spark Life

The Scarlet Sound

Verbal Pyrotechnics

Little Room

Know another literary magazine that you think should be added to this list? Send an ask!